has been working away and so far has screenshoted over 5 million profiles which has put the new server storage to good use! Soon it will have screenshoted every vac banned, Community Banned and Trade banned profile in the SteamID database. One day maybe it can do every single profile at least once, although a server upgrade i think would be needed!   Edit: 28/06/2018 – over 7.5 million has been completed which includes banned, trade banned and community banned profiles in the base.

4 x 3TB Drives were delivered today, Sadly Sata not SAS and desktop grade but with regular backups it should be ok (And cheap to replace when they no doubt fail) The plan is to run 2 x 3TB Sata drives i have with the new 4 x sata drives to give a 6 Drive raid 5, if performance is bad i will grab another two and pop them in raid 10 – The servers will be linked via fiber     The drives going into the DELL servers 18TB of Mechanical 2TB of SSD

Today, Fiber switches got delivered to connect the servers up over 4GB rather than 1GB – With a faster storage backed this was very much needed when moving things around or capping out 1GB!

Thanks to a large contribution by Krakenbul , There’s 2 x 1TB SSD drives for much better performance over 15K sas drives for the server(s)… Still to come, network & more storage

While most of the servers are rented, I also run a lot of the kit at home that does a lot of work behind the scenes. In short as i write this the rack has; 1 x Del T610 3 x Dell R710 1 x Rack Server for a┬áiscsi target 1 x HP managed Switch 1 x POE switch 1 x APC Battery Backup 1 x APC PDU Dell EMC and a SAN with 450GB 15k drives – not in use It started off on the left   Its runs SteamID services , Some content you view will be pulled from the servers above and passed back though the main server, No public contact is made with the SteamID services[…]